This committee shall have broad concern for State and National legislation affecting the interests of the Association. The committee shall inform members about newly proposed and enacted legislation in the field of education, promote activities leading to the passage of desirable legislation, and encourage members to exercise their responsibility for voting and their right in political activity. ChairpersonRonan Cotter (MOHS) Email him


This committee shall meet on a regular basis with representatives of the Board of Education to formulate the Association ‑ Board agreement each collective bargaining term. This committee shall be vested with the power to negotiate a memorandum of agreement to be ratified by a vote of the general membership.  During a non-negotiating yearthe chairperson will be a member of the Executive Committee and assist the Grievance Chairperson.  The negotiations team shall be responsible for publishing the agreement. Chairperson: Steve Spangler (SS) Email him


These individuals shall gather and edit information pertinent to members and publish same in the EAMO Newsletter.  They shall assist, when needed, in other internal communication matters.  Chairperson: Kelly Wilson(SS) Email her


This committee shall process individual grievances submitted to it.  It shall have full responsibility for carrying out the terms of the grievance procedure as stated in the Association-Board Agreement  – Chairperson: Keith Czesak (MOHS) Email him


The chairperson maintains a roll of the members.  Committee members shall consist of one representative from each building.  The committee shall conduct membership drives and all elections for EAMO.   Chairperson: Kim Shaw (MOHS) Email Her


This committee will work to present a positive image of the educational community as well as noteworthy accomplishments of individual members.  Chairperson: Mary Hund (Tinc) Email her

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